We are four amateur builders from the Bay Area of California. We all met through climbing at the local Bay Area gyms or regional California crags. Though bound by climbing, our common interests also encompass some other of life’s finer things, like ribs, beer, cheesecake, the occasional video game night, and, of course, that gathering in the desert that we all know as Burning Man!

We like hanging out and shooting the shit, we like taking fresh faces climbing, and we like finding out what feats our bodies are capable of. Most importantly, we would like it if YOU came by the shop someday to check out our project! We love advice, and we love to show off.

Now that you know a little about us, we invite you to meet the parts that make up a much greater whole!

Zack MacFarlane

The People's Foreman

Looking like a leader in the Eastern Sierras

Back that thang up!

Zack topping out high off the deck.

The project foreman, by virtue of having the most experience putting things together, Zack is also the lead designer and a climber of 10 years. Always handy with just the right tool for the job and a glass of whiskey for after, he’s also put together the most advanced automatic home brewing rig ever conceived. Without his pragmatic knowledge, our collective dream would remain a dream.

Victoria Glinskii


Vikki, lookin' cute as per the norm


Vikki trying the classic FlyBoy Arete in Bishop, CA. It's not Photoshop, it's steep!

Vikki was born in the Ukraine, and is the smallest but feistiest member of our international crew. After upstate New York, Missouri, and San Diego, she eventually settled here in the Bay, as far west as the mainland United States would let her. When she’s not ordering body parts sent back and forth across the country, she’s probably climbing, dealing with crazy neighbors, or generally looking good with a cool haircut.

Nour Mardini

Shine, radiance, bounce...and we haven't even started talking about the hair yet...

The ever-gorgeous, ever-beaming Nour!

Makes you want to get good at climbing, doesn't it?

Nour on an amazing problem in Estes Park, CO

Hailing from Syria, our most experienced Burner (2 years on the playa!) possesses a mop of hair that alone defeats the rest of us combined, and a smile that has no “off” switch. When she gets a break from working in the great outdoors, she is committed to her philosophy of “being in the air is better,” and you can be damn sure to find her either dangling from climbing holds or aerial silks, or if all else fails, flinging around fire toys.

Spenser Tang-Smith

Sorry, veg-types...I know this isn't as appetizing as it is for us. Without tryin' to be a dick, you really don't know what you're missing!

Chef Spenser with 2.5 pigs' worth of ribs.

Derp dee derp...climbin' rocks...

Heavenly Path is the name of this climb in Bishop, CA.

Born and raised in the Bay, Spenser has been climbing since 2004. An avid world-traveler and former marine biologist, he is currently a massage therapist living in Emeryville, CA. He possesses a strong curiosity about the world and an equally strong propensity for hurting himself in silly ways. He and Vikki are currently training for a long climbing roadtrip across America.