“There’s plenty of stuff to climb on the Playa, why do we need a climbing wall?”

Nobody’s ever actually said this to us, but we’d like to respond anyway. There are myriad things in Black Rock City for the upwardly mobile to grapple with, from the Man itself to the hundreds of geodesic domes, from art pieces to scaffolding. But nothing out there last year was built for the sole purpose of climbing, and moreover, there was nothing that was intentionally challenging to climb.

Sexy, isn't it?

Add holds to this design, and you've got a rough idea of our wall.

This year will be different. In keeping with this year’s theme of Rites of Passage, we have decided that physical challenge, coupled with enough height to make it interesting, will be a perfect venue for folks to test their mettle. Pre-set routes of differing difficulty will be established, from beginner to expert. Holds will be rearranged throughout the week, providing new and different challenges depending on the day.

It's erect...heh

Zack, Nour and Vikki hold up one of the vertical sections, 14' tall.

Camp UP will provide chalk and climbing shoes, so that participants can get a proper taste of what it’s like to gain trust in their feet and hands. Members of the camp will also man the wall for several hours each day, giving demonstrations on basic movement, technique, and spotting.

The wall will be lit up at night, so that climbers can take advantage of the cool temperatures. Naturally, it will be decorated in full Playa regalia. The ornateness of it will depend heavily on the amount of funding we can collect (*ahem*), but will certainly include black light, artwork, and blinkies. Psychedelic athleticism, anyone?

We will be hosting events, such as competitions and mixers, so please check your What Where When guide!

Safety will be provided by a thick layer of foam, specifically engineered to take impact from people falling from high places. Each member of the Camp UP team has had their asses saved more than a handful of times by these pads, and the Playa provides the added benefit of not being a jumble of jagged rocks!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, poems, or jokes you’d like to share, please leave a comment, and we’ll get back to ya quick!