You guys, I’m seriously…is Burning Man really right around the corner?

Yes, it is. In between all the logistical planning, outfit making, and canned soup buying, we managed to decorate and then take apart Mr. Boulder Jr. Soon, it will be thrust into a truck, at which point it will be accompanied by many yurts, some bikes, and some other random crap, and brought out to the frickin’ desert. Can you believe it? We hardly can. So let’s just let the photos do the trick.

Vikki and Captain Oz are taking off on Thursday morning. Some of the Camp UPpers are already up there, and the rest will trickle in behind us. We are hoping to have the wall built and standing and all that by the end of Saturday, and then Sunday will be reserved for bolting holds on to the wall. Monday thru Saturday: Climb!

Okay, enjoy the photos!

The hands, painted by Nour and Danny. Lots of little details in this central piece. A lot of fun to examine.

The finishing touches.

The best this wall will ever look! Caitlin Tracy's piece on the left (subtle use of color, right?), Nour and Danny's in the middle, and Dylan Hosey's aquatic theme on the right.

The sections are coming off...

The overhang comes down...we should leave it like this, actually, it would be a sweet ass roof. Foreman?

The vertical sections are coming down now. Yes, that is Eliot behind the wheel of a forklift. Yes, we are all still alive and healthy.

The beast in its constituent parts, ready to be loaded.