Hello Campers! As we approach the midnight hour, as our reunion on the glorious parched playa draws ever nigh, you can rest assured that we are busting our buns putting the finishing touches on our masterful wall. Today we finish skinning the bugger, as well as beginning the process of building auxiliary supports. Already, the decoration team (headed up by the fabulous Nour, Danny, Dylan and Caitlin) has begun their beautification by paint, and we are finalizing the lighting situation and nighttime enhancements. Photos to come.

In the meantime, please enjoy this written piece by Nour.


It’s that catch, that click that sticks in your throat

It’s your heart welling up, that swelling, expansion, implosion,
exploding, pounding, quickening, quaking, shaking your core from

It’s that jarring motion, the commotion, fire burning, surging raw
emotion, jaw clenching, mouth cotton dry

It’s the blurring around the edges, the morphing; it’s panic,
bewilderment, but it’s enlightenment, it’s revelation

It’s feet flying, crashing against loose scree; rocks crumbling,
crackling, gravel spraying; bounds, leaps downhill, dust rising, the
cracking smash of feet on loose ground, muscles clenching,
contracting, electric nerves firing, legs taut; unrealized, unknown,
of embodiment of ultimate grace

It’s white saltwater spray, the waves silent, deafening roar, the
softly sung song of the wind beckoning, whispering in your ear

It’s elation, flying down the steeps, the whirring wheels spinning, wind
whipping, hair streaming, eyes blinded by tears, the childlike peals
of laughter you can’t hold back

It’s the apex, the height; the world rushing toward you- once drawing
away but now falling back, ground hurtling fast; clutch with every
last fiber to your nerve, praying it saves you, that ninth life

It’s that dynamic leap, the jump, the twanging twine of taut muscle, a
spurted sharp exhale of a breath followed by a flood of joy,
exaltation, elation

It’s the scrabbling, grasping, grabbing, desperate clutching fingers
clinging, tendons snapping, as you grip, as you slip

It’s the pop, the snap; it’s a single second that changed everything,
a second that broke you in half

It’s the screeching, screaming squeals of a guitar that stream
straight through the veins of your body furrowing into your heart, a
climax that consumes every sense of your being and explodes out of the
fibers of your body as pure energy, leaving you shaking, spent,
consumed, drained, junked, fueled

It’s the slashing strokes of a watercolor paintbrush across the sky,
seething, teeming, bursting shades of red, orange, pink, a fiery orb
falling into a darkening world;

It’s the brightening pinpricks of sparkling, pulsing light blinking
from within the depths of oblivion, the watchful souls high in the
ionosphere, mirrors of the stars that danced behind your eyes

It’s a moment of pure ecstasy, hands running through soaked hair, the
gasp for air, the convulsion, the ripple of jaw-dropping oblivion, a
choking inhalation, an unrestrained cry

It’s the arching back, that unspoken acknowledgment of union

It’s the gentle trickle of fingers on bare skin, the shiver that courses through

It’s locked contact, pupils widening, an unknowing realization of the
ledge that’s dropping out from under you

It’s color, motion, emotion, stimulus; it’s unstoppable, it’s the
explosion in your head that no one sees burning behind your eyes, the
madness behind them that marks you; you stand there, struggling,
surrendering. eyes darting, heart thumping, blood pumping, as the
crowd streams around you, blissfully unaware

It’s the flip you switch.

Stop. Drop. Fall.