First order of business: We made it! YOU helped us raise $7,405 on Kickstarter, out of our goal of $6,900! Or, to put it pictorially:

Oh hell yeah baby, now we can stock our camp fridge with imported beer and furnish our yurts with teak wood! Just kidding…now we’ll be able to recoup the cost of buying materials, renting space to build this heavy bastard, dragging the thing up and back, and for the decoration and accessorizing. Thank you all for helping us avoid brokedom, and I promise that your time on the wall will be extra rewarding knowing that you had a direct hand in helping it come to fruition. On behalf of the members of Camp UP, I once again salute you for your generosity. It seriously means the world to us.

Another piece of good news, which I mentioned in the previous post, is that we have officially been placed at the 4:30 Plaza, at 4:30 and Graduation streets. Yup, pretty psyched on that one. It should be the perfect blend of consistent traffic and relaxed atmosphere.

Finally, a quick build update: Our tenure at NIMBY has been short but incredibly productive. We have bolted together all of the sections that make up the first layer, for a contiguous 26 foot wide wooden wall. See?

Then, on Sunday, we put up the rest of the vertical sections (the ones on the left of the photo above) for a total of 14 feet. Thanks to the various NIMBY-ites for their forklift assists, como asi:

Does this look dangerous? I hope not. The other top section is to Spenser's left, and it also went up. One last plywood panel got drilled in the middle, overlapping the connection.

Then we bolted in some steel brackets, so this thing will resist the pull of thousands of human sapiens on the playa. Thusly:

In answer to your next question, yes, we are serious about workplace safety.

So basically, it’s almost done! We will need to add a crapton of cantilevered bracing and such to ensure that the thing doesn’t collapse and cause a playa tragedy. That would be, as Eliot says, “sad face.” There will also be stakes in the playa, which we will use to anchor the wall. Otherwise, we would have a giant wooden sail. And that, too, would be sad face.

We are hoping to have the full wall bolted, skinned, and T-nutted by Saturday July 30th for the Flaming Lotus Girls‘ fundraiser, which is going on at NIMBY that night. So, if you would like to see what we’ve done, and if you haven’t yet, to meet some of the crew, come on down! You’ll recognize us: we’ll be the people frantically trying to keep a climbing wall from catching fire.