If you’ve been over to our Kickstarter page recently, it looks like this:

Oh yeah baby, that’s what I’m talking about! Thank you SO MUCH to our awesome backers. Because of you, we’re more than halfway there. But with 14 days to go we still have almost halfway to go. So please…if you want to see the beloved Boulder Jr. on the playa this year, please dig deep for a couple of bucks and send them our way by clicking on the photo above. And please implore your friends to do the same. You can click “Like” on the bottom of the video on our page and it’ll show up in Facebook. Spread the love and we’ll spread the climbing!

In Other News

…We have a new home at NIMBY! For those not in the know, NIMBY (which stands for Not In My Back Yard) is a sort of warehouse collective that traditionally hosts builders of all kinds of Burning Man projects, along with other freaky-cool artistic endeavors, from mutant vehicles to fire-breathing apparatuses to sculpture, and everything in between.

Construction-wise, Eliot says:

“With Zack having cut the metal brackets, we began piecing the wall together and placing the brackets at the seams. There were some minor snaffus involving the angle of the wood pieces which has halted progress (as had our lack of room to roam), but we’ve been drilling the brackets we can get into place, and the added stability is rather kick ass (as one can see by Vikki climbing that portion of wall in the picture). Now that we’ll have a new spot to put our wood in (giggity), the moving about and such will be made much easier. The next step is lots of drilling holes, bracketing, and then a full mock construction, you know, to see if we can do it.”
And there you have it people. Stay tuned. The MAN BURNS in a paltry 64 days!!!!!