Gentle readers, the Hombre burns in 69 days, and while that sounds like a lot of time, it ain’t! But rest assured, your Camp UPpers have been hard at work behind the scenes making sure that the climbing scene at Burning Man will be represented.

Here’s a quick update on our progress, with a list of help still needed. And please send an email to if you have any questions, comments, or help to give!


We’ve finished framing, skinning and connecting about 90% of the climbing surface. It’s big. And woody. We’re making metal brackets that will reinforce the overhanging section, because we don’t want a dust storm to flatten our wall, or the climbers on it. That would be a buzz kill.

Still left to do: Drill holes and pound T-nuts; build the supporting frame; decorate!


With 26 days left on our Kickstarter campaign, we’re up over $2,000! But we’re also short $4,900. Friends, countrymen, countrywomen, countrytrannies, lend us your cash! Without money, this bad boy ain’t goin’ nowheres.


You might’ve seen our boxes at Bridges, Ironworks, and Great Western Power Company, asking for your used shoes. We’ve gotten a good start, but we’re missing many sizes. We want to provide these to participants, and since anything is better than barefoot, we’ll take what you’ve got stinking up your closet, holes and all. Drop them in the boxes or give us a shout.

We’re also hoping to provide a safe landing. We’ve got about 8 or so crash pads between our personal pads and borrowed ones, but we need more! We’ll return them dusty, but c’mon, when was the last time you went bouldering and gave a damn about the cleanliness of your pad? If you’re not going outdoors in late August/early September, please consider loaning them to Camp UP!


We need holds, badly! Already two generous folks have promised us their personal collections, as long as we mark them and return them. But we need more!

If you’ve got a home woody you don’t use, or a collection that you never put up, please let us know. We’ll happily put them to good use!

Thanks for reading, and if you know some former climbers who dropped out due to injury, spouses, or lack of psyche, please send this to them so they can give their old crap a good home!