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I was going to post the video here, but nah. I’m going to make you all go over to the page and watch it. That gets you one step closer to donating, so yeah. Git on over there.

Why are you still here reading this? You want some updates on progress or something? Fine. But you have to promise to click on this link when you’re done reading. Okay? Okay.

Danny and Eliot helped out. Nour has a rad jacket.

We spent the past weekend at the yard, skinning and assembling various sections. Li’l Brudder Eliot and Danny Botello gave us a big hand, as the pieces we’re working with are getting progressively heavier. Besides, having a few people to measure and screw makes the screwing process faster. Yay, screwing!

Almost wooded

A 14' vertical section almost skinned...

At this point, almost all of the climbing surface has been put together. We’ll have to remove the panels, drill holes, and introduce the element of the T-nut, as well as the decorative paint. Then, of course, we’ll have to assemble the whole thing. We’ll put a call out for some muscle when we get to that point…and then we’ll have to break it down to bring it to BRC, then build it again. But that’s a ways away, so for now, enjoy some photos!

This is perpendicular to how it will be...


We made a giant deck chair

Eliot takes a rest. Note all the skinned sections, underneath and leaning against the fence!