The Man burns in 85 days! Down with the Man!

Nudge...nudge...ah f**k it close enough.

An overhanging panel gets framed

Since we last reported, the Camp UP team has been killin’ it (or, “doing quite well”). We are nearly done framing all of the sections of our wall, and Zack (AKA Foreman McDrinky) and I just purchased a half-ton of plywood. The plywood will be the skin of the climbing wall, and this weekend we hope to have the whole wall skinned and ready for assembly, decoration, and of course, climbing. Building is nearing completion!

Our progress on this project is not fully reflected in the material world yet. Much work has been done behind the scenes on all of our parts.

We are within spitting distance of putting up our fund raising page on Kickstarter. This will be where you (yes, you, dear reader) may donate money. All that remains is to finish filming and editing our video pitch, where you get to watch the four core members of Camp UP beg for money. You’ll also get to see me fall dramatically. Stay tuned!

We’ve also been calling around to all of the Bay Area climbing gyms to ask for donations of climbing shoes. We will provide a pair of loaners to each climber, mainly to keep the number of nasty, icky playa feet that touch the holds you’ll be grappling with to a minimum. Most gyms have been very supportive, and we’ve been making boxes and posters to drop off for gear donations.

Finally, we’ve been in talks with Benny over at Cool Neon about putting programmable RGB LED pixels in a grid on the vertical section of our wall. It will be somewhat pricey, but the epic, psychedelic night climbing will be totally worth it and more. Of course, our ability to deck this wall out to full capacity depends on how much funding we end up getting. Ahem. More on that later.

Anyway, here are some shots from our building sessions. Please enjoy the slideshow of the Human Traverse…we hope to have this maneuver perfected by the time we all gather in BRC.

Mull this one over...

Eliot sports a Nour mullet.

Whack a Mole

We see you!

Camp UP Clan Ain't Nuttin' Ta Fuck Wit

Camp UP. What.


This kinda looks like a woody bug.

So meta.

Yes, we are documenting the process.