We have begun.

Many months spent agreeing that the project sounded like a good idea eventually led to designing our wall, which then led to refinements and concept testing. We then rented a small shop space.

A couple weeks ago, we purchased a bunch of 2 x 6’s and cut them to the lengths that we’d need to start framing our wall. See?

Safety is frickin' sweet.

Vikki enjoys her first encounter with a large saw.

Last week, we gathered up some boards and screws and drove to the nearby outdoor lot that will serve as our construction lot. We finally drove our first woodscrews! Like so:

So you're saying this device actually drives the screw?

Fastening is fascinating.

We got a good start, framing two of the lower sections. Each of the framed sections will then receive a plywood skin. Said plywood will be impregnated with T-nuts, which will then hold our artificial climbing holds to the wall! Cool, non?

Ladder for sale. Brand new. Smells great. $50.

One of our "kicker" panels, framed!